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Botulinum Toxin injections are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed  world over. The toxin inhibits the release of neurotransmitters at nerve-muscle junction causing the muscles to relax. 

This helps to soften and erase the dynamic wrinkles and smoothen static wrinkles on the face. Equipped with a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of facial muscles. Our experienced injectors achieve good cosmetic results and avoid side effects. 

Botulinum Toxin injections are used to smoothen:-

1) Forehead lines.

2) Crows feet.

3) Frown lines.

4) Bunny lines.

5) Smokers lines around the mouth.

6) Dimpled chin.

It is also an extremely useful tool to modulate facial features to achieve a more pleasant countenance. For example

·        Shaping of eyebrows

·        Reducing nasal flare

·        Reducing gummy smile

·        Elevating tip of the nose

·        Elevating angle of the mouth(sad look to happy look)

·        Rounding off a squarish face by injecting masseters.

·        Smoothening necklines and neckbands for neck rejuvenation.

·        Sharp jawline by doing the Nefertiti lift.

Excessively sweaty palms /underarms can also be dealt with by BOTOX injection. Results show up in a weeks’ time, start wearing off after 4 months and treatment needs to be repeated after 6 months.

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Ageing process is an accumulation of various changes. One of the most important reasons for loose sagging skin folds and deep wrinkles is the loss of volume in the skin and soft tissue.

Dermal filler injections restore the volume in the dermis and soft tissues and enhance the appearance in a very subtle and natural way.

This helps in lightening the skin, reduces folds and lines and improves facial contours giving a more youthful relaxed appearance.

A keen aesthetic eye, a thorough knowledge of anatomy and adroit hand is needed for placement of the right kind amount of filler in the right place and the right plane to give a pleasing appearance and avoiding any untoward effect.